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My books are currently closed, meaning I am not making new appointments or responding to booking inquiries. I plan to open them again sometime in July of 2022 for late summer and fall appointments.

So far, I’ve seen a much higher demand for my tattoos than I am capable of taking on, especially since I am still very new to tattooing. I don’t want to book too far out, because I want to maintain some flexibility in my schedule, and I don’t want to commit to too many projects while I am still figuring out what I’m comfortable with, how much time each tattoo needs, what I like and don’t like tattooing, etc. This is why my books are usually closed; I would quickly become overwhelmed/overcommitted if I kept them open all the time!

I open my books approximately every 3 months, to book appointments for the next few months. When I am getting ready to start scheduling appointments for my next booking period, I will notify my mailing list. When I open my books, I will publish a booking form on this site, which you can fill out to request an appointment.

Please sign up for my mailing list if you are interested in booking with me!

Booking Tips

I can usually only schedule around 10-20% of the booking requests I receive, so please don’t take it personally if you can’t get an appointment! It is more likely bad luck than me not wanting to do your tattoo. That being said, here are some tips to increase your chances of getting an appointment with me!

  • If you don’t get in, submit again next time! I cross-reference with past booking proposals to see who’s submitted before, and I prioritize people who submit multiple times. 

  • You’re more likely to get in if you submit for flash or an available project. Custom tattoos are significantly more work for me, and I only take on a limited number per booking period.

  • I am much more likely to book with you if you want a reasonable size for your concept/chosen design, or express to me that you are open to making it bigger and/or simplifying your concept if needed. In general, for my available projects or custom designs with multiple elements, I need around 5”-6” minimum.

  • If you want an available project or a medium/large custom piece, please be available for a morning appointment! I try to avoid working late, and I will only book flash or small customs for my afternoon appointment slots.

  • Follow directions and provide all the information I ask for! Please read my client info page, and make sure to request the right type of appointment (flash, available project, or custom) for the tattoo you want.

Finally, to help you determine if I am the right artist for your idea, below are some examples of what I’m currently interested and not interested in tattooing:

Things I like to tattoo:

  • Landscapes (especially steep mountains or large rock formations)

  • Flowers (especially peonies, poppies, and similar flowers with large, flowy petals)

  • Plants

  • Skulls/bones

  • Insects/invertebrates

  • Sea life

  • Most animals (especially weird or obscure ones)

  • Mushrooms

  • Most nature-related imagery

  • Geometric abstraction

  • Ornamental designs

  • Nature-related imagery combined with geometric and/or ornamental elements

Things I'm less interested in tattooing:

  • Mythical creatures

  • Pet portraits

  • Human figures

  • Pop culture

  • Man-made objects

  • Text

Things I won't tattoo:

  • Culturally appropriative imagery 

  • Copies of art or tattoos that are not my own (exceptions may be made if you have written permission of the original artist, and the style is similar to my own)

  • Styles that are not my own

  • Anything I deem offensive (racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc) 

Touch-ups and Unfinished Work

If you need a touch-up on a tattoo I’ve done, you can email me at any time to schedule one! Touch-ups don’t take long, and I can usually find a time to fit you in my regular schedule. Feel free to send me a healed picture if you’re not sure if you need a touch-up. 

If you have an uncompleted tattoo from me, you can email me at any time to schedule an appointment to finish your tattoo. I often have some free days in my schedule reserved for finishing tattoos we don’t complete in one session, or I can schedule you for my next booking period before I open those dates to the general public!

My email address for booking touch-ups or finishing incomplete work is lizzydaltontattoo@gmail.com.