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My books are currently closed, meaning I am not making new appointments or responding to booking inquiries. I plan to open them again sometime in October of 2022 for winter appointments.

So far, I’ve seen a much higher demand for my tattoos than I am capable of taking on, especially since I am still very new to tattooing! I don’t want to book too far out, because I want to maintain some flexibility in my schedule, and I don’t want to commit to too many projects while I am still figuring out what I’m comfortable with, how much time each tattoo needs, what I like and don’t like tattooing, etc. This is why my books are usually closed; I would quickly become overwhelmed/overcommitted if I kept them open all the time!

I open my books approximately every 3 months, to book appointments for the next few months. I will notify my mailing list when I am getting ready to start scheduling appointments for my next booking period. When I open my books, I will publish a booking form on this site, which you can fill out to request an appointment. This form will stay up for about 24 hours, then, from the submissions I receive, I will choose who to book based on availability and what ideas are most interesting to me. 

Please do not send me your tattoo ideas when my books are closed! Because I don’t have the capacity to schedule everyone, I prefer not to consult on specific ideas when I’m not actively booking. This is a boundary I have set to help manage my workload and demands on my time and emotional energy; thank you for understanding! If you’re wondering if your idea is something I’m interested in, there is more information about what I like and don’t like to tattoo in the “Booking Tips” section below

If you are interested in booking with me, I ask that you please read the information below about my process and policies. Then sign up for my mailing list to be notified when I open my books again!

Appointment Types

I have two types of appointments: Pre-Drawn Designs and Customs. Please read below for more information about each type

Pre-Drawn Designs: Flash and Available Projects

Pre-Drawn Designs are designs for tattoos that I have already created, and which you can view here. Pre-Drawn Designs are divided into two types: Flash and Available Projects.

  • Flash: These designs are relatively simple, and can be completed in a shorter session (usually around 2 hours or less for black and grey, 3 hours or less for color). These designs are repeatable and may be tattooed on multiple people. I’m pretty flexible on size and placement for my flash designs, and I’m usually happy to change the color and/or shading style. I’m open to doing multiple flash designs in one sitting, depending on size and complexity.

  • Available Projects: These designs are larger and more complex, and will usually take at least 3-5 hours to complete, and sometimes 2 or more sessions (especially if there is color, lots of black fill, or you want it very large or in a more difficult placement). I will only tattoo these exact designs once, although sometimes I will tattoo similar variations of the same design (for example, a color version and a blackwork version, or a customized variation and the original design). Because I will only tattoo these designs once, when booking I will give priority to those who want a size and placement that I feel will suit the design, or express that they are open to different size and placement options. Changes to the color and/or shading are considered on a case-by-case basis.

For Pre-Drawn appointments, you will be getting one of my Flash or Available Projects, exactly as drawn with no changes to the design. We can always mirror and/or resize the image (as long as we don't go too small), and in some cases I can make minor adjustments during your appointment to better fit your body (i.e., freehanding elements or stenciling them separately). I will happily consider changes to the color and/or shading style of my pre-drawn designs, however, you must let me know when booking if you want the color/shading to be different than it is in the reference image. (This does not apply to tweaking the color/shading to better suit your skin tone – I will always do my best to work with your skin tone while I’m tattooing.)

I am usually happy to do more complicated edits to my pre-drawn designs (i.e., adding or removing elements, moving elements around, combining elements of different pre-drawn designs, etc), but I consider this a custom tattoo! Please request a custom appointment if this is something you want.

Custom Tattoos

Custom tattoos are anything that I design specifically for you. This includes entirely original designs, customized variations of my pre-drawn designs, and freehand designs. When booking, please be as clear as possible about what you are envisioning. If you are unsure of some details, that is okay, I am happy to work with you to figure out what will work best for your idea, just let me know what is important to you and where you are flexible or undecided.

I will ask for reference images in your submission for a custom tattoo. These can include examples of my own work that you especially like, photos of your desired subject matter, photos of the body part you want tattooed, or rough sketches of your concept. I don’t mind looking at other people’s art or tattoos for reference, but please understand that I will not copy other people’s designs, but rather use them as inspiration to create something in my own style.

I will use the information in your booking request to create your custom design, so please include any details you’d like me to know in your initial request. I will show you the final design before your appointment, usually the day before. If your concept is bigger, more complicated, or more open-ended, I may first send a rough draft a few days beforehand to make sure I’m going in the right direction. If you don’t like the design I show you, please let me know! I’m happy to spend some extra time making sure it’s perfect for you before we put it on your body forever.

That being said, please try to communicate what you are hoping for as clearly as possible when booking! If you feel that you would benefit from discussing your ideas face to face, or letting me see your desired placement in person, I am happy to schedule a consultation after your proposal has been accepted.


My rate is $135/hour, with a minimum of $100 for pre-drawn designs and $200 for custom designs. I only charge for tattooing time; time spent stenciling, taking breaks, etc. will not be charged. For longer sessions, my rate is capped at $600/session. (I generally can’t handle much more than 4-5 hours of tattooing in a session.)  I can accept cash or credit/debit card for payment, but cash is preferred. If cost is a concern, please let me know beforehand and I’ll do my best to work with your budget!

To give you a ballpark idea of pricing, here are some estimates of how long most of my tattoos will take based on size and style. Please understand that these are only rough estimates, actual time can vary greatly depending on level of detail, placement, technical demands of the design, amount of solid fill, etc. Tattoos taking longer than 4-5 hours will usually be broken up into multiple sessions.

Black and Grey

  • 3": 45 minutes

  • 4": 1.5 hours

  • 6": 3 hours

  • 8": 6 hours


  • 3": 1 hour

  • 4": 2 hours

  • 6": 5 hours

  • 8": 8 hours


I ask for a deposit of $80 at the time of booking. This deposit holds your appointment spot and will come off the total cost of your tattoo. Deposits are not refundable for any reason, but may be transferred to a new appointment date, as long as you let me know at least 3 days in advance that you need to reschedule. I allow up to 2 reschedules per deposit; if you need to reschedule a third time I will ask for an additional deposit.

Your deposit applies to the concept and design parameters that are communicated to me in your booking form. If you change your mind after booking (i.e. you want to switch to a different pre-drawn design, or the concept for your custom tattoo changes entirely), or you fail to include important information in your booking request (i.e. you don’t tell me that you want to change something about your chosen flash design), your deposit will not be applied to the cost of your tattoo. I also may need to reschedule you with a new deposit if I can’t prepare the updated design in time for your appointment. If you change your mind and your new concept is something I don’t want to tattoo, I reserve the right to cancel your appointment without refunding your deposit.

Booking Tips

I can usually only schedule around 10-20% of the booking requests I receive, so please don’t take it personally if you can’t get an appointment! It is more likely bad luck than me not wanting to do your tattoo. That being said, here are some tips to increase your chances of getting an appointment with me!

  • If you don’t get in, submit again next time! I cross-reference with past booking proposals to see who’s submitted before, and I prioritize people who submit multiple times. 

  • You’re more likely to get in if you submit for a pre-drawn design. Custom tattoos are significantly more work for me, and I only take on a limited number per booking period.

  • I am much more likely to book with you if you want a reasonable size for your concept/chosen design, or express to me that you are open to making it bigger and/or simplifying your concept if needed. If you want a pre-drawn design, please pay attention to the minimum size listed! Most custom concepts will need around 4"-6" minimum, and more if you want a lot of elements/details.

  • If you want a medium-sized to large tattoo (any available project and most customs), please be available for a morning appointment! I don't like to work late, and I will only book quick tattoos for any afternoon appointment slots.

  • Follow directions and provide all the information I ask for! Please read all the information on this page, and make sure to request the right type of appointment (pre-drawn or custom) for the tattoo you want.

Finally, to help you determine if I am the right artist for your idea, below are some examples of what I’m currently interested and not interested in tattooing:

Things I like to tattoo:

  • Landscapes (especially steep mountains, large rock formations, and imaginary mountainscapes)

  • Flowers (especially peonies, roses, poppies, and similar flowers with large, flowy petals)

  • Plants/leaves

  • Skulls/bones

  • Insects/invertebrates

  • Sea life

  • Most animals (especially weird or obscure ones)

  • Mushrooms

  • Most nature-related imagery

  • Geometric abstraction

  • Ornamental designs

  • Nature-related imagery combined with geometric and/or ornamental elements

Things I'm less interested in tattooing:

  • Mythical creatures

  • Astrology/zodiac

  • Pet portraits

  • Human figures

  • Pop culture

  • Man-made objects

  • Text

Things I won't tattoo:

  • Religious iconography

  • Culturally appropriative imagery 

  • Copies of art or tattoos that are not my own (exceptions may be made if you have written permission of the original artist, and the style is similar to my own)

  • Styles that are not my own

  • Anything I deem offensive (racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc)