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This is a "smart" form; different fields will appear depending on your answers to certain questions. This ensures that I have all the information I need depending on what you are looking for. Booking is NOT first-come, first served, so please take your time in completing this form! You will have until noon PST on October 21st to submit your request.

Please only submit ONE form! If you have multiple ideas, please fill out the form based on your first-choice idea. There will be fields to enter back-up ideas. If you are considering both a custom concept and pre-drawn designs, please fill out the form based on your custom idea.

Booking Request
What type of appointment are you interested in?
Which style do you want?
What kind of color/shading do you want?
If you would like any changes to the design other than color and/or shading, I consider this a custom tattoo. Please go back and select “Custom” if this is the case.
Upload File
Upload Photo
Upload Photo
Upload Photo
What days are you available? (Tattoos that will take longer than 3 hours will start at 10:30am. Later start times are only available for small tattoos.)

Thanks for your inquiry! I'll be in touch soon if I'm able to book with you.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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