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Appointment Types

I have 3 types of appointments: Flash, Available Projects, and Customs. Here's what you can expect for each type!


At your flash appointment, you can choose any design from my flash collection. I have a book of over 100 designs to choose from. All of my flash designs are relatively small and simple, and can generally be tattooed in about 2 hours or less. They are repeatable, meaning I may tattoo these designs on more than one person.

Your appointment will be for one of my flash designs, exactly as drawn. We can easily decide at your appointment which design you want, how big, placement, etc. I won't be able to make any changes to the design, but we can re-size and/or mirror the design at your appointment, and I can add shading or color to my linework-only flash designs. If you choose relatively small and simple designs, I’m happy to do 2 or even 3 flash tattoos in one session, time allowing.

Please note that my available projects will not be an option to choose from at your flash appointment.

Available Projects

For these appointments, you will choose one of my available projects at the time of booking. My “available projects” are pre-drawn designs that are larger and more complicated than flash designs, and will generally take at least 3-5 hours to complete (and possibly two sessions if there is color, lots of black fill, or you want it very large or in a more difficult placement). I will only tattoo these exact designs once, although I may tattoo similar variations of the same design (for example, a color version and a blackwork version, or a customized variation and the original design).

Your appointment will be for the design you chose when booking, exactly as drawn. We can always mirror the design and/or re-size it (as long as we don’t make it too small), and in some cases freehand minor elements (such as leaves or decorative accents), or use multiple stencils to better fit the design to your body. For color designs I am happy to adjust the color palette to best suit your skin tone.


At your custom appointment, you will be getting a tattoo designed specifically for you. This can be an entirely original design, or a customized variation of one of my pre-drawn designs (flash or available projects).

I will use the information in your booking request to create your custom design, and I may reach out before your appointment if I have questions for you while coming up with your design. I will show you the final design before your appointment, usually the day before. If your concept is bigger or more complicated, I may first send a rough draft a few days beforehand to make sure I’m going in the right direction. If you don’t like the design I show you, please say something! I promise I won’t take it personally, and I’m happy to spend some extra time making sure it’s perfect for you before we put it on your body forever.

That being said, please try to communicate what you are hoping for as clearly as possible when booking! Reference images are especially helpful in letting me see what you have in mind, these can include examples of my own work that you really like, photos of the body part you want tattooed (ideally with the approximate placement circled), and rough sketches of your concept. I don’t mind looking at other people’s art or tattoos for reference, but please understand that I will not copy other people’s designs, but rather use them as inspiration to create something in my own style.

If you have a custom appointment coming up and you want to clarify anything about your concept, suggest details that weren’t mentioned in your booking request, or send additional references, you can always email me at lizzydaltontattoo@gmail.com. I usually start designing custom tattoos around 1 week before your appointment, but sometimes I get ahead of schedule, so I ask that anything you want me to know or see while designing your tattoo is sent to me no later than 2 weeks before your appointment date.

If you have a custom tattoo scheduled, and feel that you would benefit from letting me see your desired placement in person or discussing your ideas face to face, I’m happy to schedule consultations for clients already on my books. At our consultation we can look at references, brainstorm ideas together, and I can even freehand a rough idea of the tattoo directly on your skin with sharpie. Just email me at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment and we can schedule something!


My rate is $110/hour, with a one hour minimum. I only charge for tattooing time; time spent stenciling, taking breaks, etc. will not be charged. Washington sales tax is included in my rate, and I can accept cash or credit/debit card for payment. My rate is capped at $550/session. (I generally can’t handle much more than 5 hours of tattooing in a session.) If budget is a concern, please let me know beforehand and I’ll do my best to work with your budget!

Tips are never expected, but are highly appreciated! As a new tattooer, I charge well below market rate, and a large portion of my earnings go to shop commission, supplies, taxes, etc. Industry standard is generally around 10%-25% for tips.


Deposits hold your appointment spot and will come off the total cost of your tattoo. Deposits are not refundable for any reason, but may be transferred to a new appointment date, as long as you let me know at least 3 days in advance that you need to reschedule. I allow up to 2 reschedules per deposit; if you need to reschedule a third time I will ask for an additional deposit.

Your deposit applies to your chosen appointment type and what was communicated to me when booking. If you change your mind at the last minute, do not accurately communicate your expectations in advance, or want to switch appointment types, and it means I don’t have enough time to prepare for your tattoo or it can’t be completed in your allotted session, I may need to reschedule you with a new deposit.

For custom tattoos, your deposit helps cover my drawing time. If you change your concept entirely, or decide to switch to a pre-drawn design, your deposit will not be applied to the cost of your tattoo.

Preparing for your appointment

Take good care of yourself in the days leading up to your tattoo appointment! Hydrated skin is much easier to tattoo, so I recommend drinking lots of water and moisturizing regularly in the days leading up to your appointment. Avoid alcohol the night before, and get a good night’s sleep before your appointment. Eat a filling meal before you come in, and avoid excessive caffeine.

Make sure to bring the following to your appointment:

  • A valid, government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc)

  •  Wear or bring clothing that allows easy access to the area we are going to tattoo, and that you don’t mind possibly getting ink on.

  • Card or cash to pay for the tattoo. I do not accept Venmo/CashApp/Paypal etc for tattoo appointments.

I also suggest bringing:

  • Drinks and/or snacks to keep you hydrated and your blood sugar up during your appointment. (We do provide candy, soda, and sparkling water at the shop!) You are also welcome to bring lunch if we have a longer appointment. (I’ll probably need a quick lunch, too!)

  • You might want to bring entertainment/distractions for while you are getting tattooed. I’m usually pretty quiet while I tattoo, I tend to go into focus mode and sometimes find it hard to maintain a conversation while I work. You are more than welcome to read a book, listen to a podcast or music with headphones, play on your phone, or any other activity that you can do without moving the tattoo area. 

  • Some people get hot when they’re getting tattooed, some get cold. It’s not a bad idea to dress in layers so you can adjust to how your body reacts.

I also recommend making sure you have necessary aftercare products on hand before your tattoo! You can take a look at my aftercare section to see my recommended aftercare.