Thank you for your interest in my art! I have limited availability for custom work, but I am willing to consider select projects if I believe they are a good fit.

I have experience creating illustrations for t-shirts, patches, book covers, podcast art, and more. Licenses are also also available for many of my existing works. Past clients include the Access Fund, the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education, Planet Granite, the Outdoor Industry Association, Staedtler, Turtle Fur, and others. 

I prefer to create designs that are in line with my usual style and my overall body of work; I am currently most interested in creating mountain designs in my signature style, and working with clients in the climbing or outdoor industries. I normally work in traditional media (pen and ink and/or paint), but let me know if your project requires a digital design (for example, you need the design in vector format). I do not do logos, graphic design, typography, or work-for-hire agreements (in which the client automatically owns all rights to the work created). 

My rate for custom commercial work is mostly dependent on the rights desired for the design (where and how the design will be used), as well as how complex the design is. My starting rate for custom commercial designs is $600. Licenses for existing works are often available for a lower rate.

If you are interesting in commissioning a custom design or licensing an existing design, please send me an email at or click the button below.

Let me know if you are interested in working together!