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I am currently a student tattooer at Point of View Tattoo School in Portland, Oregon, and I hope to be fully licensed in late spring or early summer. I am tattooing clients at a reduced rate as part of my training.

I am not accepting any booking requests at the moment. I have a lot of people interested in my tattoos, and because I am just a student, I do not want to book too far out or commit to too many projects before I have a better idea of what I enjoy and what I'm comfortable tattooing. If you are interested in getting a tattoo from me, please sign up for my mailing list for booking updates!

You can see more of my tattoo-style art and follow my tattooing journey on Instagram at @lizzydaltontattoo. If you have any questions about my tattoos, feel free to get in touch!

I am no longer offering tattoo passes or custom tattoo designs for other artists to tattoo. If you'd like a tattoo of my art, I'd appreciate it if you could support my tattoo career by coming to me for it!

Have a question about my tattoos? Please get in touch!