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Apprentice Tattoos

I will be starting tattoo school in September of 2021, and offering apprentice tattoos beginning sometime around the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022. To see more of my tattoo-style art and to follow my tattooing journey, please follow me on Instagram at @lizzydaltontattoo.

If you are interested in getting an apprentice tattoo from me, please contact me and let me know you'd like to be added to my tattoo mailing list. Then I will notify you when I am ready to start booking apprentice tattoos!

Tattoo Passes

Because I’m not able to tattoo anyone yet, I am currently offering tattoo passes for those who would like to get one of my existing designs as a tattoo from another artist. Tattoo passes cost $75, and upon purchase, you will have my permission to take the design to a tattoo artist of your choice and have them replicate it as a tattoo.

To purchase a pass, please e-mail me at with a screenshot or link of the exact design you would like to get. If the design is available, I will instruct you on how to complete payment. Most of the designs you can see on this site and on both of my Instagram accounts are available, but there are a few I may not want replicated as tattoos (usually custom tattoo designs for other people).

​Upon purchase of a tattoo pass, you agree to the following:

  • You will credit me for the design if you share it online

  • You will communicate to your tattoo artist that they MUST credit me for the design ANYWHERE that they use the tattoo to promote themselves – this includes their social media, online portfolio, physical portfolio, etc.

  • You will take the design to a licensed, reputable tattoo artist whose portfolio demonstrates that their style suits the design you want. I would like any reproduction of my designs to reflect positively on my original art.

  • if you are comfortable sharing, I would like to see a photo of the finished tattoo. It will really help my learning process to see how my art translates into tattoos!

Please be aware that most of my fine art was not necessarily designed with tattooing in mind, and may not easily translate to tattoo form. You may want to consult with your artist before purchasing a pass, to make sure your chosen design is something they can adapt into a tattoo. Your artist is permitted to make minor changes to the design, if those changes will make for a tattoo that is more legible, longer-lasting, or more complementary to your body shape.

The client must be the one to provide the design; tattoo passes are NOT for tattoo artists to offer my designs as flash/up-for-grabs/available designs/etc. If you are a tattoo artist and a client brings you one of my designs, please confirm that they have my permission to get the tattoo.

If you have purchased an original or commission from me, you have my permission to get that design as a tattoo, subject to the same conditions above. This does apply to prints or other products.

My tattoo pass policy will likely change when I start tattooing. I may only offer select designs for passes, or stop offering passes altogether. I recommend purchasing your pass now if you want a tattoo of my art but do not plan on coming to me for it.

Custom Tattoo Designs

I am not currently accepting commissions for custom tattoo designs. My commission schedule is full for the summer, and after I start tattooing in the fall I will likely only create custom designs for my own tattoo clients. You will just have to book with me in the future if you would like a custom tattoo by me!

If you have already commissioned a custom tattoo design and would like me to do the actual tattoo, I would be more than happy to do so! The fact that you have already paid me for the design will definitely be taken into account when pricing your tattoo. Just let me know if that is something you would be interested in!

Have a question about my tattoos? Please get in touch!